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About Us

Sitter4Paws Broward is owned by Alexandra Alvarez, a hard working entrepreneur with a profound love for pets. She is the founder of the Sitter4Paws brand. Now a Fort Lauderdale resident, Alexandra is ready to start growing this amazing business in the Sunshine State. Her passion for animals has been the drive to create and maintain an excellent service that takes care of your precious furry pals when you are not able to.

Alexandra A.

Alexandra A.

Owner / Manager

Services & Rates

Here is a quick look of the services we have to offer. Click on Learn more for more information.
Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
30 Mins. $25
45 Mins. $30
60 Mins. $35
Dog Walking Bundle
(30 Mins. Only)**
3x/Walks $59
5x/Walks $115
5x/Walks $99


  • Rush booking (for bookings after 6pm or on the same day): $5
  • Cancelation (after 6pm the day before or on the same day): $5
  • Holidays*: $5/visit - Peak Holidays*: $10/visit


  • Dog Walks Only. No feeding or medication included (treats are fine!)
  • All the walks in the package need to be scheduled and used within a Monday-Sunday calendar week. If not used, there won't be a credit for the future.
  • No rush/cancelation fees apply. You can book/cancel/reschedule the walks with no extra charge, just need to make sure they are used within that calendar week.
  • Cancelations need to be submitted at least 1hr before the beginning of the time frame selected to avoid using the full walk credit.
*Holidays: President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day.
*Peak Holidays: Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday-Sunday), December 23rd-27th, New Years' Eve Day, New Years Day.

Pet Sitting

We will visit your pets at your home up to 3 times a day, anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes per visit.

Dog Walking

We’ll walk your dog around the neighborhood to make sure he does his business and gets some good old exercise!


Fort Lauderdale, FL

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